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With exactly one week remaining until the "Winner Take All" match at Survivor Series on Pay-Per-View, Sunday Night HEAT opened with Scotty 2 Hotty teaming with Albert against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hugh Morrus. Michael Cole and Tazz called the action from ringside.
Chavo and Scotty started the action off, but Albert quickly tagged in. As technically skilled as he is, Chavo simply couldn't muster enough power to knock Albert down. The light heavyweight dove into his corner to tag in Hugh Morrus.

Morrus gained the upper hand against Albert, but not for long. The former Intercontinental Champion raised Morrus over his head in a Military Press and dropped him to the canvas. Scotty tagged in and hit Morrus with a body press from the top rope! But Morrus recovered and took Scotty down and followed with a No Laughing Matter moonsault! Albert broke up the pin attempt then continued to batter the Alliance team. Chavo fell victim to a Baldo Bomb then aided Scotty when Hugh Morrus began assaulting him. Albert then picked Scotty's dazed body up over Chavo and incited Scotty to do the WORM! Scotty hit it and took the pin. After the match, Albert nailed Hugh Morrus with his own unique version of the WORM!

Backstage, Diamond Dallas Page found Edge preparing for their match later that night. DDP said that he knew Test had his legs on the rope when he defeated Edge for the Intercontinental Championship. That means, DDP said, Edge know what it's like to be made a fool of.

Edge jumped up into DDP's face and said he would make a fool of Page in the ring that night.
Spike Dudley faced Billy Kidman in singles action next. Spike flipped Kidman over the ropes with a Hurricanrana early on. But Kidman evened the score by nailing a drop kick as Spike launched himself off the ring apron toward his opponent.

Back in the ring, Spike took down Kidman with a spear and climbed the top turnbuckle to deliver a full body press. Kidman kicked out of the pin attempt and then slammed Spike face first to the mat. Kidman then climbed the top rope, but Spike rose and knocked Kidman down. Kidman, though, was too strong. He used a devastating maneuver that flattened Spike on the mat and put the Dudley down for the count.

After a break, video highlights of the strife between Chris Jericho and The Rock showed that the two superstars have plenty of distance between them heading into Survivor Series. If the Federation is to avoid extinction, these two superstars will need to work together and lead the Federation's team in the "Winner Take All" match.

Backstage, Lilian Gacia caught up with Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn to find out how the two came to team up. Billy Gunn said he'd had his eye on Chuck for a long time. Palumbo is so athletic and good looking that Billy Gunn said he reminded him of himself.

Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo got the chance to test out their teamwork next by taking on Raven and Justin Credible.

Things got off to a good start for the Federation team as Palumbo connected with a drop kick to Raven't face. The momentum continued with Gunn lifting Credible over his head and smashing him to the canvas. But Justin Credible came back and kicked Gunn out of the ring, where he fell victim to multiple punches from Raven. Back in the ring, Raven tagged in and continued to beat up Billy Gunn. Credible tagged in and was rolled up into a pin by Billy Gunn, but Raven kept the referee distracted. The Alliance continued to hold the upper hand until, Gunn picked Raven up into a body slam when he came off the ropes. Chuck Palumbo tagged in and started to take care of business. The former WCW Tag Team Champion snapped a Superkick to Credible's head and scored a pinfall!
Sunday Night HEAT's main event came up next with Edge taking on Diamond Dallas Page. Edge came out to his new theme music, which is included on Rob Zombie's new album, "The Sinister Urge." Zombie will appear on RAW this Monday night.

DDP opened the match by tossing Edge from the ring and slinging him into the ring barrier. He then threw his opponent back into the ring and climbed the top rope where he launched his entire body into Edge's chest. But Edge recovered and gained control. He hit the Edgecution and covered DDP for the win!