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Billy Gunn:
Win King of the Ring during Year 1. Billy Gunn may be in the tournament or the main event. After the event Billy Gunn will be unlocked.

Cactus Jack:
Play season mode until you get to No Way Out in the fifth week of February. Cactus Jack will then fight Triple H at No Way Out in a Hell In A Cell Match. When No Way Out ends, Cactus Jack will be unlocked

As you go through season mode, you will go through comeback events. Once she is in a match you will be able to use her in the game.

Mean Street Posse:
During season mode the Mean Street Posse will be shown backstage making a plan to beat someone up during the event, or will talk to Shane McMahon and have a handicap match against someone. Pete Gas, Rodney, and Joey Abs will now be unlocked.

Michael Cole:
Play in season mode and get to the first week of April in year two.

Mick Foley:
Play season mode until you get to Wrestlemania in the fifth week of March. Mick Foley will be added to the main event and will be unlocked after the PPV.

Win at Wrestlemania during Year 1. Vince McMahon will put Mick Foley in your match. After the event Mick Foley will be unlocked.

Mr. Ass:
Mr. Ass will be unlocked at the King Of The Ring PPV main event against The Rock.

Shawn Michaels and Billy Gunn:
Play in season mode and get to WWF Judgment Day (when he is a guest referee). Win the match to unlock them. You also may have to fight him in an Iron Man Match at Judgment Day.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Play in season mode and get to WWF Backlash (when he is a guest referee) in a Comeback match. Win the match to unlock him.

The Stooges:
Play in season mode and get to first week of August to unlock Brisco and Patterson.

Unknown wrestler list:
During season mode, some wrestlers will be beaten up by an unknown person. When this happens your match with that wrestler will change because they are injured. You will then have to fight one of the Unknown fighters. Defeat them to unlock moves and taunts that can be used in creation mode.

Unknown A: Ric Flair (Figure of Four, and The Strut)
Unknown B: Kevin Nash (Jacknife 2 and his signature elbow in the corner)
Unknown C: Scott Hall (Insider's Edge and Fallaway Slam)
Unknown D: Goldberg (Brainbuster aka. Jackhammer, Spear)
Unknown E: Sting (Sharpshooter, Scoop Reverse DDT)
Unknown F: "Hollywood" Hogan (Leg Drop, all taunts)
Unknown G: Jeff Jarret (Sexay Facebuster, Figure of Four 2, Tornado Arm Break)
Unknown H: Scott Steiner(Super Camel Clutch, Spin Belly to Back Suplex)
Unknown I: Manami Toyota (Osaka Street Cutter, Tornado DDT)
Unknown J: Japanese Lucha Collection (Queen Suplex Pin, Spinning Arm Drag)
Unknown K: Diamond Dallas Page (BuhBuh Cutter)
Unknown L: Booker T (Scissors Kick, rock bottom)
Unknown M: The Great MUTA (Moonsault and Dragon Screw)
Unknown N: Japanese Shoot Wrestling (Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine Choke)
Unknown O: Naoya Ogawa (STO, Judo Hip Throw)
Unknown P: Masahiro Chono (STF and Yakuza Kick)
Unknown Q: Jyushin Thunder Lyger (Brainbuster DDT, Fisherman DDT, Shooting Star Press)
Unknown R: Big Van Vader (Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Vader Bump, Big Splash, Moonsault
Unknown S: Mitsuharu Misawa (Dangerous Driver Tiger Driver 91, Emerald Fusion)
Unknown T: U.S. Shoot Wrestling (Finishing Punch, Flipping Arm Bar)
Unknown U: Terry Funk (Spinning Toe Hold, Pulling Piledriver)
Unknown V: Ernest "The Cat" Miller (Kung Fu Straight Punch, Kung Fu Hip Toss)
Unknown W: Kenta Kobashi (Clothesline From Hell, Bomb to Facebuster, Orange Crush Pin)
Unknown X: Big Show (Show Stopper)
Unknown Y: Ken Shamrock (Shamrock Ankelock)
Unknown ZA: Andre the Giant (Giant elbow)
Unknown ZB: Bob Buckland (Chicken Wing Cross Face)
Unknown ZJ: Jerry "The King" Lawler (Piledriver)
Unknown ZS: Sgt. Slaughter (Cobra Clutch)
Finish one year of season mode and the credits video will appear in the options menu.

Unlock all extra features:
Complete year 6 in season mode to unlock all features.

Unlock all superstars quicker:
Simply skip the matches in the season mode.

WWF New York backstage area:
Play in season mode and get to the first week in December.

Wrestlemania 2000 commercial:
Play in season mode and get to the fourth week of March.

Hint: Locker Room:
Start in a Hardcore or Falls Count Anywhere match and get backstage. Then, go to Dressing Room 1. Once inside, there will be two metal pipes on the right side wall. Throw your opponent into the wall between the two pipes, and the wall will break, Follow the arrow into the next room.

Hint: Shower Room hidden area:
Go to Locker Room, and Irish Whip an opponent into the right wall. This will create a large hole on the lower right side of the locker room that leads to the Shower Room.

Hint: Shower Room: Autographs:
To see the superstars' autographs, fight in Shower Room. When the camera changes angle, you will see them on the hidden wall.

Hint: Boiler Room hidden area:
Go to Basement 1, where there is an arrow leading to the Car Park. On the right is a blocked out door. To the right of the blocked out door is an iron mesh fence. Irish whip your opponent to the iron mesh fence to create a large hole that leads to the Boiler Room.

Hint: Boiler Room: Climb pipes:
You can climb the two sets of gray pipes if you run towards them.

Hint: Climb the soda machine:
You can climb the soda machine in the hallway where you enter the VIP Room, The Locker Room, and The Weight Room. Run up to it and you can climb it and do all the normal top rope moves.

You can get on top of the soda machine by running and climbing. You can do a top rope move off of it.

Hint: Jump off cars:
You can jump off the hood and the backs of the parked cars in the parking lot. Just run up to them to climb them and do all the top rope moves.

Hint: Jump off stages:
When fighting in a Hardcore, I Quit, or Anywhere Fall match, you can jump off the Smackdown! stage and climb on top of the sound equipment. You need to leave ringside, and go to the first screen after that.

When fighting in a I Quit, Anywhere Fall, or Hardcore Match, you can jump off the RAW stage when you go up one level (leave ringside).

Hint: Jump off locker:
You can use the lockers in the locker room as a turnbuckle, but can only hit your opponent when he/she is close by.

Hint: Hidden chairs:
When wrestling in the main area of WWF New York, throw your opponent into the back-left section of the area and a steel chair will fall to the floor.

When wrestling backstage, throw your opponent into the steel links that hold up the Shopzone logo, and a steel chair will fall to the ground.

Hint: Baseball bat or shovel hidden weapons:
Go into the basement and Irish Whip your opponent into the dumpsters. A baseball bat or shovel should appear.

Hint: Benchbar hidden weapon:
Go into the locker room, then Irish Whip your opponent into the bench.

Hint: Chair hidden weapon:
Go to the Lobby and Irish Whip your opponent to one of the tall gray "stands" that holds the "Shopzone" sign.

Hint: Fire Extinguisher hidden weapon:
Go to the Lobby and Irish Whip your opponent near the top left corner.

Hint: Flower pot hidden weapon:
In a Hardcore match, throw your opponent into the window above the B1 sign near the boiler room.

Hint: Kendostick, shovel, or chair hidden weapon:
Go into the locker room and Irish Whip your opponent into the locker at the top left. A kendostick will fall out. Irish whip your opponent again and a shovel or chair will appear.

Hint: Cane and sword hidden weapon:
Go to the shower room and Irish Whip your opponent into the lower right-hand locker. A maximum of three weapons will fall down.

Hint: Microphone hidden weapon:
Go into the lobby and Irish Whip your opponent into the bulletin board at the top right.

Hint: Mop or can hidden weapon:
Go into the shower room, then Irish Whip your opponent into the lockers. A mop will appear. Keep on doing it and a can will appear.

Hint: Plate hidden weapon:
Start a Hardcore or a Anywhere Fall match. Get back stage and go to the restraint. Once inside, look for the soda fountain. You should see some dishes next to it. Approach the dishes and press R1. Your wrestler should pick up a plate, which may be used as a weapon. Additionally, when you are backstage, Irish Whip your opponent into the red sign on the billboard and a weapon should fall down.

Hint: Shopping cart hidden weapon:
Go to the parking lot and go outside. There should be a bar/grill. Immediately below it should be a shopping cart.

Hint: Soda can hidden weapon:
Go near the V.I.P room and Irish Whip your opponent into the soda machine. Soda cans will fall out, which can be used as weapons.

Hint: Steel steps hidden weapon:
Throw your opponent into the steel steps at ringside. This will allow you to use them as a weapon.

Hint: Television hidden weapon:
Go to WWF New York and Irish whip your opponent into the crowd. A television should appear. This can also be done by the other crowd next to the kitchen.

Hint: Trash bin hidden weapon:
Go to the Dressing Room and Irish Whip your opponent into the trash bin. This will reveal another three weapons that can be used. Note: The table in Dressing Room can be wrecked

Hint: Vase hidden weapon:
Go to VIP Room, and Irish Whip your opponent into the vase.

Hint: Locker room hidden weapons:
Go to the Locker Room. Irish Whip an opponent to the left single locker or the right double locker. A maximum of four hidden weapons, such as the guitar, spade can, or weightlifting bar be obtained.

Knock over the trash can. A deer's head will be one of the three weapons.

Hint: Wet Floor cone hidden weapon:
Go into the lobby and Irish Whip your opponent into the bottom right corner.

Hint: Dressing room hidden weapons:
There is a trash can in the dressing room. Irish whip your opponent into it to find three hidden weapons.

Hint: Basement hidden weapons:
Irish Whip an opponent into the dumpsters in the basement for various weapons.

Hint: Mop hidden weapon:
When you go backstage, there is a restaurant on the right of the screen. As soon as you enter, you will find what appears to be a kitchen. Go next to the soda fountain and press Up. You will run into the back and appear with a mop for a weapon.

Hint: Telephone part hidden weapon:
Throw your opponent into the telephone by the Dressing Room to get a telephone part to use as a weapon.

Hint: Painting hidden weapon:
Irish Whip an opponent into the fireplace to get a painting.

Hint: Get different weapons:
Get a weapon in a Hardcore match, then go outside and press R2 to get a different weapon.

Start a Hardcore match and pick up a weapon .Leave the ring and go to the corner. Press the R1 + D-pad towards the corner (or Up). You will now have a different weapon.

Hint: Kitchen: Hidden Weapons:
Start a Hardcore or Anywhere Fall match, get back stage, then go to the basement. Go all the way to the end of the hall. There should be a sign that says "Open". Follow the arrow go enter the lounge. Go by the people, then go down by the arrow and follow it. You should now be in the kitchen. There are three weapons in here. Once inside you should see a pan sitting on the counter. Irish Whip your opponent or press R1 to pick it up. Another weapon is the lid on the crock pot. Go by the crock pot that is in front of you (if you are in the middle of the room). Press R1 to pick the lid up. The last weapon is a watermelon. Irish Whip your opponent into the west part of the stove and a watermelon should fall on the ground. Also, when in the kitchen, the stove can explode. Irish Whip your opponent into the north part of the stove. This also happens when you Irish Whip your opponent into the corner where the two stove are connected.

Hint: Kitchen: Exploding cooker:
Fight in the kitchen at WWF New York. Irish Whip your opponent into the cooker in top left of screen. At first you will see a small flame. Irish Whip them a second time into it, and it will as if a bomb exploded.

Hint: Kitchen: Spraying water:
Go into the kitchen in WWF New York and Irish Whip your opponent into the sink and it should spay water.

Hint: VIP room: Picture:
Go to the V.I.P room and Irish Whip your opponent onto the fireplace. The picture will pop out.

Hint: Get run over:
Go out to the street and stand there until a car runs you over.

Hint: The DX Express bus:
Get to the SmackDown before the first Backlash and you will see Austin come back and drop something on the DX Express bus. HHH and Vince will then flip out and Austin will say the magic words.

Hint: Bulldozer:
Get to July in the first year to see Austin Bulldozing Vince McMahon's car.

Hint: Driving the forklift :
When you are next to the forklift, press R1 to enter it. To drive normally, press the D-pad. Press X to honk the horn. To ram your opponent with the forklift, move a considerable distance away from him/her (about one third of the screen.) Press Triangle to make the forklift go faster. Press X to make the forklift come to a squealing stop, like a car. The forklift will slide sideways, and if you are near your opponent, you will hit him/her. Sometimes if your opponent runs towards you and you ram him/her with the forklift, he/she will flip over the front and act is if they are hurt badly. If he/she is very worn down, you can get your enemy to do a "Stone Cold" layout this way. (Remember how Steve Austin was hit by a car and how he was laid out on the ground). However, the game treats the forklift like another weapon, so you cannot do too much damage.
To get in fork lift, make a Hardcore or Pinfalls Anywhere match and use the fork lift for a weapon.

Hint: Iron Match Special Referee match:
Play in season mode and after Backlash the next event will be Judgment Day. After playing it, you will unlock Shawn Micheals and the Iron Match Special Referee match.

Hint: Four man title match:
Make a Fatal Four Way match with the champion, the number one contender, and two other wrestlers that are eligible for the title. Note: This will only work with the WWF Heavyweight Title, the Intercontinental Title, the European Title, Light Heavyweight Title, and the Women's Title.

Hint: Six title match:
Either use Chyna and one created player or two created players. The created player(s) must be of ??? gender and be in the light-heavyweight division. Have each of them holding at least one singles title, with the two of them holding every singles title (WWF Title, Intercontinental Title, European Title, Hardcore Title, Light-heavyweight Title, and Women's Title). One can hold five and the other hold one; one can hold four and the other can hold two; or both can hold three each. Have a hardcore match, single or guest referee, with them in it. You can now put all six titles on the line.

Hint: Hold four titles:
Use the following trick to hold the WWF, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore, and Tag Team titles. First, become any of the previous title holders (except for Tag Team). Any title holder may challenge another title holder for his title. You can put as many as three titles on the line at once. Note: You may have to be the WWF Champ first. Then defeat the Tag Team champs once, then again for their titles.

Hint: Cage match: Climb out of the cage without winning:
Climb the cage at about the same time as your opponent. When you are both out of the cage, press X. Your wrestler will try to jump on your opponent, but land outside. This works best with one player vs. two players.

Hint: Casket match: Opponent in the casket:
When in a Casket match, either press Circle to Irish Whip or press X to beat your opponents into the casket. Once they are in the casket they will try to grab onto the side. Press X to use your normal attack to knock down and close the casket.

Hint: Casket match: Easy win:
Make sure that your opponent is knocked out on the mat. Set up the casket in front of the turnbuckle. Go on top of the turnbuckle and wait for your opponent to get up with the casket in front of you. After the CPU controlled wrestler gets up, he or she will run towards you, attempting to knock you off the turnbuckle, but instead will drop into the casket. Perform your aerial attack to your fallen opponent. Note: This is not a guaranteed victory.

Set up the casket next to the ring steps, then throw your opponent into the steps. The casket should fall over. Throw your opponent in the casket, pick up the steps, and hit them with it.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Get outside:
When in a Hell In A Cell match, to get outside you must dive into the side paneling in the center. To do this, press Square while running. Once outside, press R1 to climb to the top. Notice the center paneling is a different color once on top. Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Go through top of the cell:
If your wrestler has Power Bomb as one of his/her moves, you can put your opponent through the top of the cell in a Hell In A Cell match.

Any powerful finishing move can be done to smash through the top of the Cell. The move must be done right on top of the center square for it to work. The Pedigree, Fame-asser, Olympic Slam, Stone Cold Stunner, Chokeslam, The Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver, or any other hard slamming finisher can be done to smash through the top of the Cell, as well as some of the regular slamming moves.

Hint: Hell In A Cell Match: Break the doors:
When you start the match and want to escape the clutches of your opponent, turn 180 degrees, run, and press Square to break the loose portions of the cage. Note: The loose portions of the cage are highlighted in shiny white, so it is very noticeable.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Auto KO:
Choose Jeff Hardy and select any opponent. Start the match, and weaken your opponent. Throw your opponent onto the Spanish announce table. Then, quickly press Triangle and while climbing press X repeatedly to get to the top. You can perform the Senton Bomb off the top of the cell onto the table below. You may need to try this several times for it work. Alternately, design a wrestler and give him the Super Power Bomb. Get your opponent on top of the cage after beating on him for awhile. Get as close as you can to the edge of the cage and perform the Super Power Bomb. You will throw your opponent completely off the cage.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Power Bomb:
Create a wrestler and equip him or her with the Super Powerbomb as a special. Climb on top of the cage and make sure that when your opponent is groggy that his/her back is facing the edge of the cage. Press L1 to will perform a Running Powerbomb in which you throw your opponent off the cage. If this is done correctly you will have the opponent finished off to take in the ring and pin.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Toss opponent off top of cell:
Start a Hell In The Cell match. Toss your opponent outside and have both of them climb up to the top. Go to the edge of the cell and have your opponent follow you. When he/she goes to hit you, press Right + Square. If done correctly, you should toss them off the cell. Note: This may take a few attempts.

Hint: Iron Man match: Extra pins:
When your opponent is in position, use your special move until it KO's him. Then, quickly pin him you will get double pins.

Hint: Royal Rumble: Eliminations:
When you get eliminated before you press Select, use the D-pad to move the "1P" or whatever player you are controlling. Press Select when you get to the person you want to be.

Hint: Table match: Piledriver on the table:
When in a Table match, press Circle to Irish Whip your opponents onto a table. Then, press Circle + Down. You will execute a Piledriver on the table.

Hint: Table match: Alternate way to win:
First, stun your opponent and put him on the table. Climb the nearest turnbuckle (or any nearest jumping point), then do the move. If it hits, your opponent will be instantly KO'd.

Put a groggy wrestler on the commentators' table, stand on a regular table, and jump on to the opponent.

A piledriver or powerbomb through an announcer table will not end the match. However, if you throw your opponent on the announcer table, then hit them over and over again (to make sure they do not get off), then climb the turnbuckle and put them through you will win.

Hint: Table match: Quick win:
To win a table match very quickly, set the table up near the corner. Throw your opponent on it. Hit him/her once or twice, then climb the turnbuckle and do any move to win.

Hint: Table, Ladders, and Chair match:
Choose your superstar and play at King Of The Ring. After a few matches, you will fight in a Table, Ladders and Chair match. After the event the TLC match option will be available in the special matches menu.

You can put a table on two ladders and slam your opponent through the table and land on the ring mat.

Hint: Ladder match: Easy belt:
To get a wrestler any belt, go to a Ladder match with 1P vs. 2P. Do not have anyone control player two and select the wrestler you want to win the belt as player one. When the match starts, get the ladder in the center of the ring and press L1. Climb the ladder and press Circle to jump up and grab the belt. Note: Your player can only get certain belts.

Hint: Tag Team Table match:
Play in season mode until the Dudleys get in a feud with the Hardy Boyz. The Dudleys will challenge the Hardys to a tag table match. After the match is over, the "Tag Table" option will be is unlocked under "Table Matches".

Hint: Two wrestlers on one motorcycle:
Go to create-a-stable and select your four wrestlers. When the game asks about the entrance, set it to "Motorcycle Type 4". Choose your two wrestlers. When you enter the ring, two wrestlers will be on one motorcycle.

Hint: Motorcycle wreck:
Create a stable and include a female in your group. When you pick your entrance moves, select Motorcycle 6. Have a tag match with the female you selected. She will be driving the motorcycle and you will see them wreck.

Hint: Created wrestler appears with the Undertaker's Bike:
When creating a wrestler, give him the Undertaker's entrance.

Hint:: Shadow Man entrances:
Use the following create a wrestler entrances.

Shadow Man 1 - Stone Cold
Shadow Man 2 - The Rock
Shadow Man 3 - The Undertaker
Shadow Man 4 - X-Pac
Shadow Man 5 - Road Dogg
Shadow Man 6 - Tazz
Shadow Man 7 - Matt Hardy
Shadow Man 8 - Jeff Hardy
Shadow Man 9 - Steve Blackman
Shadow Man 10 - Shawn Micheals
Shadow Man 11 - Grand Master Sexay
Shadow Man 12 - Scotty Too Hotty
Hint: Ride the fork lift:
When near the fork lift, press Triangle and the D-Pad.

Alternately, go near the fork lift and press R1 + R2. You can now drive around in it.

Hint: Television view:
To get the television of you and your opponents fighting, throw an opponent into the cage on the right.

Hint: Move strength:
To get an idea of how strong a move is, listen to the sounds while doing it. The louder it is, the harder it is. When you are facing a match in the casket match, hit your opponent with the "loudest" hitting move for a fallen opponent and automatically win.

Hint: Get extra help from outsiders:
To get extra help from an illegal wrestler, wait until they get out of the ring, Whenever you want him/her to fight your opponent some more, go outside the ring and Irish Whip them into the ring, They will usually knock down your opponent. They will also perform their finisher if they have a front groggy finisher.

Hint: Raising special without attacking:
Press L2 to raise your special meter without attacking.

Hint: Other taunts:
Hold Up, Down, Left, or Right, then press L2. Also try placing your wrestler on a turnbuckle first.

Hint: Preview create a superstar mode moves:
Enter the move section of create a superstar mode, and change one of the moves. While you are deciding which move to change it to, press Circle to get a 3 dimensional showing of the move. The menu will still be there at the top of the screen -- you do not have to leave this mode to look at different moves. Press Triangle to return to the move selection screen or press X to choose the move This can be done with every type of move, except entrance.

Hint: Created wrestler: Rock Bottom through a table:
Give your created wrestler the Rock Bottom as a groggy move or as a finisher. When you go to put some one through a table, your wrestler will do the Rock Bottom.

Hint: Created wrestler: Run-in:
Use the following steps to have a run-in for a created wrestler during a single match. Under his characteristics, select the name of the wrestler you want to run-in for you with a plus. For example, Stone Cold+. The wrestler that you have selected will interrupt your matches as your ally. Note: This could lessen the points of your wrestler.

Hint: D-Generation-X appearance:
Play as either Road Dogg or X-pac in a tag match and they will appear as DX; or play as Triple H and X-pac and they appear as DX.

Hint: New Age Outlaws appearance:
Play as either Road Dogg or Billy Gunn in a tag match and they will appear as the New Age Outlaws.

Hint: Radicalz appearance:
Create a Stable with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddy Guerrero. Set there music as "Chris Benoit" and there movies as "Normal 1". When two of these wrestlers appear in a tag match together they will be appear as the Radicalz.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: 3D:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as D-Von. Throw your opponent into Buh-Buh Ray's corner, then press Up + Circle together. Buh-Buh Ray will enter the ring, then you will enter the ring and do the 3D.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: Dudley Bomb:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as D-Von. Whip your opponent into Buh-Buh Ray's corner, then press Down + Circle. He will tag and do the Dudley Bomb.

Hint: Dudley Boyz: Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt:
Select a Tag match with the Dudley Boyz and play as Buh-Buh Ray. Whip your opponent into D-Von's corner, then press Down + Circle. He will tag and do the Whatzzzzuppp!!! Heatbutt:

Hint: Hardy Boyz: Leg Drop:
Whip your opponent into your tag corner, where your partner is standing for the tag. After the whipped opponent is in the corner, approach him and press Up + Circle and they will perform the double team move.

Hint: Hardy Boyz: Poetry InMotion:
Start a normal tag match as the Hardyz . If you are not already Matt Hardy, tag him, whip your opponent into Jeff's corner, then press Down + Circle.

Hint: Rikishi: Stink Face:
When you throw your opponent to the corner, do not let him sit down. When he is in the corner, press Left + Circle.

Hint: Rikishi and Too Cool dance:
Play season mode until reaching year two. When you get to the pay-per-view Fully Loaded, there will be a handicap match including Too Cool and Rikishi. At the end of the match Too Cool will invite Rikishi to dance with them.

Hint: The Dudley Boyz and Too Cool dance:
Play season mode until year five (somewhere between September and November). There will be a tag-team that the two teams will take part in. At the end of the match, Too Cool invites The Dudley Boyz to dance with them.

Hint: The Rock: Rock Bottom:
Press Up/Left + Circle as The Rock. Note: This may require more than one attempt.

Hint: The Rock: Rock Bottom though a table:
Throw your opponent onto a table. This works best with an announcer table. Go to the side closest to your opponent's head and press D-pad + Circle. The Rock will pick up his opponent and give him the Rock Bottom.

Hint: The Rock: Elbow pad at camera:
When The Rock throws his elbow pad at you, he will sometimes throw it at the camera.

Hint: Rock and Sock Connection:
Go to create a stable and put the Rock and Mankind in a stable. Name the stable Rock and Sock Connection. Set the entrance movie to the Rock's music and make the entrance "Rock'n and Socko".

Hint: The Undertaker: Chokeslam:
To use the Chokeslam with The Undertaker press Up/Left + Circle when your opponent is standing and facing you.

To do the Chokeslam out of the ring, whip your opponent into the corner and press Down + Circle. He will throw the opponent out the ring with the move.

Hint: The Undertaker: Tombstone Pile Driver:
To use the Tombstone Pile Driver with The Undertaker, press Down/Left + Circle when your opponent is standing and facing you.

Hint: Irish Whip variations:
When using the Irish Whip there are different effects that may be done. Irish Whip your opponent, then press Circle to cause that person to be pulled back. Irish Whip your opponent, then press X to cause that person to be elbowed. Irish Whip your opponent, then press Square to cause the other person being to be pushed.

Hint: Powerbomb:
When in a match with any kind of table, throw your opponent onto the table. Hold the D-pad + Circle to do the Powerbomb (unless playing as The Rock).

Hint: Double arm DDT:
Play as Mick Foley, Mankind, or Catus Jack. For Mick Foley and Mankind press Left + Circle. For Cactus Jack, he uses it as a special when you press L1.

Hint: Shooting Star Press:
To have the Shooting Star Press as a normal top rope move, pick Unknown Q's move set. You can change any move as desired, but if you get rid of the Shooting Star Press, you cannot get it back.

Hint: Stone Cold Stunner without SmackDown dot:
To use the Stone Cold Stunner with out using a SmackDown dot. press Up/Left + Circle when your opponent is standing, facing towards you. This will not be as strong as when you use it as the L1 finisher.

Hint: 3D with other wrestlers:
You can do the 3D with other wrestlers besides the Dudleys. To do this, select D-Von and anybody else. Make sure you are playing as D-Von. During the match, throw your opponent to your partner. Then press Up + Circle. D-Von should tag and do the 3D.

Hint: Double team moves:
To execute a double team move you must be in a Tag Team match. Whip your opponent into your tag corner and press either Up + Circle, Down + Circle, etc.

Hint: Finishing move without losing any dots:
To perform a finisher without using any dots, press Left + Circle while your opponent is groggy. If they do not do a finisher, they will do their trademark or favorite move. Note: This does not apply to all wrestlers.

Hint: Faster moves off the top rope:
Hold R1 to get more speed on moves off the top rope.

Hint: Climb cage faster:
Rapidly press X when climbing in a Cage Match.

Hint: Get back up after going through table:
When you are knocked through the table and your opponent pins you they will get the automatic three count. Press X then Square and you will get back up.

Hint: Double People's Elbow:
Choose The Rock and Mankind. Have The Rock do the People's Elbow. When he starts to run, immediately have Mankind begin running at the bottom of the wrestler that is out cold. When The Rock is about to drop the elbow, press X with Mankind. They will both connect with the Elbow.

Hint: Stop the People's Elbow:
Play in a handicap match and choose 1P and 2P and The Rock as your opponent. When your opponent does the People's Elbow to you or your partner, quickly punch or kick him.

Do a move on the wrestler laying on the mat.

Go anywhere outside the ring. The Rock will always need the ring ropes to do the People's Elbow.

Hint: Stop the Worm:
To stop Scotty Too Hotty finisher move, the Worm, you can clothesline or kick him when he does the move.

Alternately, do a move on the wrestler that is laying down.

Hint: Choke drop on barrier outside of ring:
When outside of the ring, go over to the barrier by the fans and whip your opponent into it. Instead of your character doing a whip he/she will pick up the opponent and drop him/her on the barrier, on the neck.

Hint: Quickly make opponent groggy:
If you quickly want to make your opponent groggy (for a short amount of time) go near him and press Circle(2), then quickly press X. Your opponent will become groggy and you can do your finisher.

Hint: Do finisher during any situation:
If you want to do a finisher during any situation in the match, press Circle, X to elbow your opponent in the face. Then, perform your finishing move.

Hint: When to pin:
If your opponent is laid out, with arms and legs stretched out, then there is a very good chance you will be able to pin him/her for the three count.

Hint: Break a pin:
When you are being pinned by your opponent and you think you cannot break the pin, press Start. Press Start again and you will break the pin. This is especially useful in belt matches.

Hint: Sacrifice SmackDown dot for instant recovery:
If you have a Smackdown dot and someone does his/her special on your wrestler, you can sacrifice that dot to make an instant recovery and avoid being knocked out. Press L1 as soon as you see the SmackDown logo appear. If timed correctly, you will not take as much damage from his finisher.

Hint: Replacement moves:

The Dangerous DDT can be used as the Dreamer DDT.
The Northern Lights Driver can be used as Nova's Krytonite Krunch move.
The Finishing Punch can be used as Mike Tyson's Knockout move.
The Pedigree can be used as War XO's Minesweeper.
The Rikishi Driver can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Dreamer Driver.
The Emerald Fusion once unlocked can be used as Tijiri's move.
The Rock Bottom can be used as Booker T's Book End move.
The Scissor's Kick can be used as Booker T's Axe Kick.
The Buh Buh Cutter can be used as Simon Diamond's Gem Cutter.
The Fisherman's Suplex can be used as Steve Corino's Old School Plex.
The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpion Deathlock.
The Tazzmission can be used as Screamin Norman Smiley's Norman Conquest.
The Super Kick can be used as Glacier's Cryonic Kick.
The Strong Reverse DDT can be used as Goldust's Curtain Call.
The Hip Hop Drop can be used as Psychosis's Guillotine Legdrop.
The Tombstone Piledriver can be used as Justin Credible's That's Incredible Move.
The Last Ride can be used as Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge move.
The Double Arm Suplex 2 can be used as Larry White's Underhook LW Plex.
The Woman's Special Slap can be used as Dawn Marie's B---- Slap.
The Dangerous Driver can be used as Jerry Lynn's Piledriver Move.
The Impaler can be used as Primetime Elix Skipper's Overdrive Drop.
The X Factor can be used as Jazz's Jazz Stinger.
The STF can be used as William Regal's Regal Stretch.
The Super Powerbomb can be used as Sid Vicious move.
The Tiger Driver can be used as Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge.
The Orange Crush Pin once unlocked can be used as Crush's Corner Crush.
The Double Arm DDT can be used as Nova's deep impact move.
The Falling Powerslam 1 or 2 can be used as British Bulldog's Running Powerslam.
The Oklahoma Slam can be used as Jim Ross's move.
The Flowing DDT can be used as Raven's Evenflow DDT.
The Samurai Driver once unlocked can be used as Rhino's Sitout Piledriver.
The Martial Art's Kick can be used as Ernest Miller's Thrust Kick.
The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.
The Benoit Diving Headbutt can be used as New Jack's 187 move.
The Fisherman DDT one unlocked can be used as The THQ Robot's THQ DDT.
The Jackknife Powerbomb 2 can be used as Kevin Nash's Powerbomb move.
The Jumping Arm Breaker can be used as Nova's Novacaine Move.
The Shooting Star Press can be used as Kidman's 7 year itch move.
The Sexay Facebuster can be used as Jeff Jarrett's Front Russian Legsweep.
The Lo' Down can be used as Rob Van Dam's 5-Star Frog Splash.
The Reverse Suplex can be used as K-Kwik's Facebuster Suplex.
The Flowing DDT can be used as Raven's Raven Effect.
The Diving Legdrop can be used as Sabu's Arabian Guillotine.
The Snowplow can be used as Jimmy Hart's Jacket Buster.
The Jackknife Powerbomb 2 can be used as Mike Awesome's Move.
Hint: Trish Stratus' underwear:
Play as Trish and have your opponent drop you in front of the camera to see that her underwear is red.

Hint: 210 ability points:
To get 210 ability points for your created wrestler set the following characteristics:

Weak Neck
Weak Waist
Weak Elbow
Weak Knee
The Iron King
Hint: 215 ability points:
To get 215 ability points for your created wrestler set the following characteristics:

Ex Soldier +10
The Knight +15 (-10 if woman)
The Iron King +15 (-10 if woman)
The Beauty Prince +15 (-10 if woman)
The Darkside Prince +10 (-15 if woman)
Hint: 225 ability points:
To get 225 ability points for your created wrestler set the following characteristics:

Weak Neck
Weak Waist
Weak Elbow
Weak Knee
The Knight
Hint: 255 ability points:
To get 255 ability points for your created wrestler set the following characteristics:

The Iron Man
The Knight
The Dark Knight
The Warrior
Hint: Change in-game music:
During a Hardcore or Anywere Fall match, go to the diner and look for a THQ Jukebox. Irish Whip your opponent towards the jukebox to change the in-game music.

Hint: Extra bonuses in season mode:
To unlock various bonuses, finish a month in season mode.

There will be a intermission sequence where someone gets beat up in the back, and you do not know who it is. Later you will see a strange looking person in another intermission sequence. Vince will change the match to you vs. the person you saw in the back. He will be called Unknown something (such as Unknown G). After the event, you will get more clothes or moves.

Hint: Faster title shot:
Go to the desired title and take out all the superstars from the rankings. Add your wrestler to the rank list, and he should be ranked second (the number one contender).

The quickest way to a title shot is to fight against the person ranked number two in an exhibition match. You will take their rank and be the number one contender for the title.

Hint: Put two titles on the line:
Select two champions and the title selection screen will allow both titles to be picked.

Glitch: Floating wrestler:
Choose a Hardcore match. Immediately after it starts, proceed to the next screen which has a path leading to the backstage. Stay at the path and wait for your opponent to fight you down. When lying on the floor, press Square to make the wrestler roll. Note that the left side is empty space. Press Square and roll towards the empty space to float in the air.

Go backstage onto the stage. Stay on the ramp, then run to the left or right, depending on what side of the ramp you are closest to. Then, immediately press Circle and hold Left or Right, depending on which direction you ran, and repeatedly press Square. If done correctly, your wrestler will roll to the empty space and float in the air. You can also climb additional invisible stages. Note: You cannot do this when you are playing on "Arena 3".

When in a Hardcore match, go to the Titantron and fall over near the end of it. Then, roll back near the Titantron and you will be floating in mid-air.

Glitch: Chokeslam on forehead:
Select Kane or The Undertaker, then do a Chokeslam on any small wrestler. Kane or Undertaker's hand will not ever be on that persons neck -- it will appear to be on their forehead.

Glitch: Walk in mid-air above Cell:
Use a created wrestler with the Stone Cold Stunner as the L1 finisher near the very edge on top of the Hell in a Cell. Execute the move. If you are in the correct location, you will not be able to get back on top of the cell and will be able to walk around in mid-air. Press Triangle or R1 to climb an additional invisible Cell.

Glitch: Leave the cage:
Select a two player cage match with any two wrestlers. When the match starts, have both wrestlers climb up one side of the cage. When they are standing at the top, have both press X simultaneously. Both players will leave the cage and go outside and do whatever you want. Note: This is not a hell in a cell match. When you want to go into the cage again, either run at it or Irish Whip your opponent at it. The match will then continue as normal.

Glitch: The Rock: Extra elbowpads:
Play as The Rock in a special referee match and do The People's Elbow as many times as possible. He will still have elbowpads

Glitch: Val Venis: Losing match:
Play until you get a Val Venis loading screen. When you do look in the background and you will see him losing a match.

Glitch: Floating hands:
Create a superstar and give him or her the Body Press Drop Slam or Throw. The wrestler that this is being done on will not be touching his or her hands -- they will be floating in the air.

Glitch: Pay-Per View screens:
When playing at a Pay-Per View, the screens beside the TitanTron will show the RAW designs, instead of the Pay-Per View designs.

Glitch: Bad grammar at entrance:
Select a tag match with the Tag Team Champions, put the Tag Titles on the line, and make sure Entrances is enabled. When the Tag Team Champions appear, the name plate will read, "Tag Team Champion" (singular) instead of "Tag Team Champions" (plural).

Glitch: Trash talk:
Sometimes when you are playing in season mode you may see a superstar trash talk. One time he/she could walk past the V.I.P., which means he is walking into a wall or buying a soda.

Glitch: Instant recovery after finisher:
Choose a wrestler with a very powerful finisher and perform it. Then, do a stomp, leg drop, or something similar. The wrestler will get up in full condition instantly.