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Big heads:
Press R1(7), R2, Select at the options screen.

Big head, hands, feet, and weapons:
Press R2(7), R1, Select at the options screen.

Ring select:
Press R1, R2, R1, R2, Select at the options screen to scroll through the various screens. Every time Select is pressed, the current ring will advance by one. To move in reverse, press L1, L2, L1, L2 followed by Select.

Unlock rings:
Press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1, R2, Select at the options screen. The following rings will be unlocked: Parking Lot, Castle, Stonehenge, Xtreme, Hades, Garden, Undersea, Rooftop, Space Station, USO, Barnyard, Frontier, and the Box. Note: The Cage ring will not be available with this code.

Might meter:
Press L2(4), R2(4), L1(4), R1(4), Select at the options screen. The offensive and defensive attributes of each wrestler may now by adjusted by using L1, L2, R1, or R2. Note: Green indicates the strongest setting.

View FMV sequences:
Press R1(4), L1(4), Select at the options screen. Press Left + X to advance through the sequences, Right + X to move back, or Start(2) to exit.

Nitro Girls:
Press L2(4), R2(4), L1(4), R1(4), Select at the title screen.

Bonus wrestlers (individual):
Highlight a wrestler at the character selection screen and press L1, R1, L2, R2, Select. A sound will confirm correct code entry, and the corresponding hidden wrestler will be unlocked.

All bonus wrestlers:
Select one of the following wrestlers and win any championship to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler. To unlock these characters, more wrestlers, and some of the Nitro Girls instantly, press R1(4), L1(4), R2(4), L2(4), Select at the options screen, character selection screen, or the main menu.

Wrestler - Bonus wrestler
"Hollywood" Hogan - Eddie Guerrero
Bret Hart - Van Hammer
Sting - Stevie Ray
Lex Luger - Scotty Riggs
The Giant - Horace
"Diamond" Dallas Page - Rey Mysterio Jr.
Raven - Lodi
Saturn - Sick Boy
Goldberg - Disco Inferno
Kevin Nash - Ernest Miller
Scott Hall - The Barbarian
Curt Hennig - Meng
"Macho Man" Randy Savage - Fit Finley
Rick Steiner - Reese
Scott Steiner - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chris Jericho - La Parka
Bryan Adams - Eric Bischoff
British Bulldog - "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Booker T. - Miss Elizabeth
Dean Malenko - Arn Anderson
Wrath - Bobby Henan
Ultimo Dragon - Kimberly
Kidman - Larry Zbysko
The Disciple - Sonny Oono
Chris Benoit - Steve "Mongo" McMichael
Scott Norton - Kaz Hayashi
Konnan - Jimmy Hart
Jim Neidhart - Rick Rude
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper - Mike Enos
Buff Bagwell - Psychosis
Kanyon - Juventud Guerrera
Alex Wright - Rick Fuller

Cage ring in any type of match:
Enter the options screen, highlight the "Random" ring selection, then, press R1, R2, R1, R2, Select. The word "Cage" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Since The Cage ring is not enabled with the "Ring select" code, this is the only to obtain it.

Dancing wrestlers:
Enable the "Ring select" code, then choose the USO ring to have dancing wrestlers. Press L1 to pan to the other side of the ring (except for Battle Royal), R1 to change the view, or L2 for a small dance move. For more dance steps, execute any generic wrestling move such as the hip toss, scoop slam, or backbreaker.

Tons of weapons feature:
Set the ring on "Turbo", and a "Tons" feature will open under "Weapons". To get this option on other rings, leave the weapons set to "Tons" and use the ring code instead of the D-pad to choose another ring.

Bonus audio tracks:
Play the game disc in a standard audio CD player to listen to the following music from the game.

Track 02: Game music (3:05)
Track 03: Game music (2:56)
Track 04: Game music (3:24)
Track 05: Game music, USO Ring (2:02)

Hint: Sting's alternate costumes:
Switch Sting to nWo Hollywood to have him wear his white/black colors. Switch him to WCW to have him wear an all-red suit with a black scorpion on the side.

Hidden rants:
Highlight any regular wrestler at the character selection screen and press Circle.

Hint: Double foot stomp:
Begin a match in the USO ring. Then, go to the top rope and press Triangle or Square.

Hint: Shooting star stomp:
Begin a match in the USO ring. Then, go to the top rope and press X.

Hint: Interference:
Press Select during a match. Another wrestler will appear and interfere with the match.

Hint: Easy win:
Select any wrestler and any kind of match. After the match has started, go to your opponent and press Up + Triangle to get in a test of strength. Then, press Triangle, Square, X, and Circle rapidly and repeatedly. Keep doing this until your opponent's meter is in red, then execute any move of your choice. Note: This may not always pin on the first time.

Hint: Easy win with Goldberg:
Start a Title Tournament with Goldberg. If any of the matches is "Tonight's Special Event," as soon as the match starts do the "Spear". Then do a series of stomps on your opponent. It should get them down to blinking red status before they get up.