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Droz' two cents

For weeks now there has been a concern over how things are going between the World Wrestling Federation and the Alliance. With all the internal bickering going on amongst the Federation Superstars it seemed that the Alliance would be able to walk away with a win at the Survivor Series. The great thing about the wrestling world is the fact that things change at the drop of the hat. When Vince McMahon came out Monday night and said someone would be defecting to the Federation and that person being Stone Cold Steve Austin, that caused an unbelievable amount of turbulence in the Alliance. Even though Austin went out there and gave McMahon a Stunner, it hasn't deterred the other Alliance members from truly believing that Austin will turn on them. Watching them walk out on Austin after he attacked Tazz was something that I am sure everyone was glad to see. In my eyes, everyone turning on everyone makes for a much more interesting show.

On the note of interesting shows, on Byte This! Today, Kevin Kelly, Howard Finkel and I were discussing the number of belts that are currently involved within the two factions. As we said, you need a score sheet to keep track of who is holding them, and what they are.

I am going to try right now to name all the titles that are currently in circulation: Federation and WCW Tag Team, Federation and WCW Championships, Federation Intercontinental, Federation European, Federation Hardcore, Federation Light Heavyweight, WCW Cruiserweight, and the Federation Women's Championship. Call me crazy, I know my wife does all the time, but this is definitely an over-abundance of gold going around out there. Maybe the possibility of the Alliance actually having their own show and keeping their own titles. I'm sure this was the intention from the beginning, but I am not sure if that show could stand on it's own at this point. In the near future I am hoping that this will work itself out, as I am sure all of you are hoping. It would be great to see the wars resume between the two separate shows and the wars amongst our own as well.
Yesterday, Julie and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I was laid up with a slight skin problem (but I am up today), anyway, my brother-in-law cooked us a great pasta dish that is one of his specialties. Earlier in the week my wife had picked up "Shrek," which we had both been looking forward to seeing for a long time, but in between that we had a cat crisis. Last week I wrote about our cat Little Foot and her constant chewing/eating, and it finally caught up to her. She started chewing up and eating a piece of plastic. When Julie stopped her from eating it she took off running.

Next thing we see is her bounding through the house like a gazelle. She is a very high-strung cat to begin with, you can't hold her without her growling and wriggling about. My wife tried to catch her and finally caught up to her in the kitchen with the help of one of our aides.
She was frothing at the mouth like she had rabies and choking on the stuff that she had eaten. Julie did a kitty Heimlich Maneuver and part of the plastic came out, but she was still gagging. She wrapped her up in a blanket and gave her butter to help slide the rest down. She actually let Julie hold her because she was so exhausted, until another gagging/frothing fit came on. We remembered we had gotten something from the vet a while ago to help with hairballs and gave her some of that and it finally seemed to help. We locked her in the bathroom to keep an eye on her for a while, and when we went to let her out, she was trying to eat an exfoliating sponge that was in the bathtub! I guess she didn't learn her lesson, but she is doing fine today. Never a dull moment around here!
Until next week...

Droz - peace