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An amazing 67,925 fans packed into the Reliant Astrodome in Houston for WrestleMania X-Seven, as for the second time in WrestleMania history, the event was highlighted by a World Wrestling Federation Championship match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.
The event set revenue and attendance records for the World Wrestling Federation, with over 100,000 fans in total attending WrestleMania and AXXESS: The Fan Festival, held at Reliant Hall in Houston. In all, the gate receipts for WrestleMania alone was over $3.5 million!
In a rematch from WrestleMania XV, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock faced off in the main event of the show. Austin won their previous main event at WrestleMania XV, and the partisan Texas crowd was clearly on the Rattlesnake's side for their rematch.
The intrigue in the classic bout grew as Mr. McMahon made his way to ringside. The Federation chairman soon revealed his reason for being there -- siding with the Texas Rattlesnake, and helping Stone Cold to regain the Federation Championship!
Stone Cold had sold his soul to regain the title!

Show: WWF Wrestlemania X-Seven (PPV)
Date: Sunday, April 1st 2001
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman
Full Credit & Many Thanks To wrestlemania.com For Results

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho pinned William Regal to retain his title

The opening bout of WrestleMania pitted Commissioner William Regal against Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho. Y2J tried to end the match early by locking on the Walls of Jericho, but Regal was able to slip out of the hold and to neutralize Jericho. Moments later, Y2J went for the Lionsault and another early finish, but Regal put his knees up to counter the hold.

As the crowd chanted for Y2J, Jericho tried to take it to the commissioner, but his shoulder seemed worn down from Regal's submission maneuvers. Regal soon hit Jericho with a double-arm underhook suplex from the top rope, but was only able to score a two-count.

After kicking out, Jericho again went for the Walls of Jericho, but his shoulder was too weak and he couldn't lock it in. That allowed Regal to sneak in and put Jericho in the Regal Stretch -- but Y2J was able to make it to the bottom rope!

The men assaulted each other with chops and slaps, and Jericho hit Regal with a bulldog. Y2J then hit Regal with the Lionsault and pinned the commissioner to retain his title!

Backstage, Shane McMahon arrived at the arena, and Bradshaw waxed nostalgic about growing up in Texas -- the site of WrestleMania X-Seven!

Tazz & APA defeated Right to Censor

Texas' own Bradshaw teamed with Faarooq and Tazz against Val Venis, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather of the Right to Censor. The Right to Censor was accompanied by Steven Richards, while Tazz and the APA were led to the ring by Texas native Jacqueline! Jackie soon made her presence felt, giving Steven a DDT before the match even began!

The match started as a brawl outside the ring, and when the six men finally got in the ring, they beat the living hell out of each other! The 300-pound Bradshaw even gave Val Venis a suplex from the top rope!

Moments later, Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell on the Goodfather to pick up the win for his team!

Backstage, Trish Stratus wheeled Linda McMahon into the Astrodome, where she was met by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Stephanie asked Trish to get lots of champagne and ice for her father's victory celebration!

Hardcore Championship
Kane wins the Hardcore Championship by pinning Big Show

Raven started the match early, attacking Kane before the Big Show even had a chance to get to the ring. Once the Show finally got to the ring, Raven was clearly at a disadvantage against the 330-pound Kane and the 500-pound Big Show. At one point, Kane pressed Raven over his head and threw him from the ring right to the Show, who was standing in the aisleway!

The fight soon went into the crowd -- which was perfectly legal in the falls-count-anywhere, no-holds-barred environment. The three combatants used any weapon they could find, as the fight moved to the backstage area. Kane soon hurled Raven through a plate-glass window!

Moments later, the Big Show attacked Kane from behind and knocked the Big Red Machine right through a door! Kane recovered, and as the two men struggled for positioning, the two broke right through a wall!

By this point, Raven was back on his feet, and he got a golf cart ready to attack his opponents -- but the Big Show jumped on the cart and Raven crashed! Kane then grabbed a cart of his own and mowed down Raven!

The fight continued backstage, with Big Show attacking a bloody Raven on the catering table.

The three men then made their way back to the arena, where Kane and the Show exchanged punches on the stage. The Big Show then pressed Raven over his head, but Kane hit Show in the face with a boot, sending both men through the stage! Kane then hit a legdrop and pinned the Big Show to win the Hardcore Title!

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Edge & Christian that a tap-out didn't count if there wasn't a referee to see it. The Olympic Champion seemed ready and focused for Kurt Angle.

European Championship
Eddie Guerrero pins Test to win the European Championship

Eddie Guerrerro was accompanied to the ring by Perry Saturn as he attempted to take the European Championship from Test. Test showed his obvious size advantage early in the bout, at one point pressing Latino Heat over his head.

Eddie tried for a hurricanrana from the top, but Test reversed it and then hit a flying elbow from the top rope! Soon after, Guerrero hung Test up in the ropes, and Saturn got in a couple of shots outside the ring. Latino Heat pounded on Test, but soon realized that he couldn't win the title with the champion stuck in the ropes, so he let Test go and continued to work over Test's already-injured ankle.

After attacking the ankle, Eddie tried to put the champ to sleep, locking on a sleeper. But Test reversed with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Guerrero then went for a hurricanrana, but Test hit another tilt-a-whirl into a powerbomb!

Soon after, Eddie distracted the ref, allowing Saturn to attack Test in the ring. But Latino Heat could score only a two-count. Eddie then went up top and missed a top-rope bomb!

Test capitalized, hitting a pump-handle slam. Test then signalled for the big boot, but Perry Saturn ran in the ring -- so Test gave it to him! Test then hit Guerrero with the boot, but scored just a two when Dean Malenko interfered! With the ref distracted, Eddie hit Test with the title belt and became the new European Champion!

Michael Cole interviewed Mick Foley, and Foley said that yes, he could be an impartial referee for the Vince/Shane match -- right here in Houston, Texas!

Kurt Angle pinned Chris Benoit

Prior to the bout, Angle said it was no secret that he wasn't a big fan of Texas. He told the crowd that their flag was missing 49 stars. He then said that he would illustrate a point tonight -- that he had never and would never tap out. Angle then told the Texans to lose the cowboy hats!

Both Benoit and Angle wore red, white and blue to WrestleMania, and the two superstars showed off some technical wrestling maneuvers as the match got underway. Benoit went for the Crossface early, but Angle sensed it and went for the ropes. The technical feeling out continued, and Benoit again went for the Crossface. But Angle again got to the ropes. A third time, Benoit took down Angle and went for the Crossface. But a third time, Angle got to the ropes!

As Benoit jawed at the ref, Angle nailed him from behind, knocking him out of the ring! There, Angle threw Benoit into the ring steps!

Back in the ring, Angle continued his assault on Benoit, wearing down the Rabid Wolverine. The Olympic Hero soon rocketed Benoit with a series of belly-to-belly suplexes. Benoit fought back against Angle, and the technical masterpiece was soon evolved to a brawl.

Benoit took Angle up top and hit a huge superplex, but only scored a two-count. Benoit then hit three German suplexes on Angle, but on the third suplex, Angle took Benoit down and went for the ankle lock. But Benoit reversed that and put the ankle lock on Angle!

After Angle escaped, Benoit locked the Crossface on Angle -- but Angle reversed it and put Benoit in the Crossface!

Benoit escaped, and the ref was soon knocked out. Benoit locked Angle in the Crossface and Angle tapped -- but there was no ref there to see it! Benoit went to revive the ref, and Angle snuck up from behind and delivered an Olympic Slam. But Benoit kicked out of the pinfall attempt!

Angle then went up top, but Benoit put his knees up as Angle went for the moonsault. Benoit then nailed the diving headbutt on Angle, but Angle kicked out!

As Benoit went for a German supled, Angle reversed it into a pinning combination -- but he was pulling Benoit's tights at the time!

Backstage, Commissioner William Regal returned to his locker room to find Kamala running amok!

Kevin Kelly asked Kurt Angle if he respected Chris Benoit after their match. Angle said no -- and then Benoit snuck up behind Angle and locked him in the Crossface! Again, Angle was tapping!

Women's Championship
Chyna pinned Ivory to become Women's Champion

Ivory came to the ring alone, as per a stipulation in the match contract that no member of the Right to Censor could be at ringside for the bout.

To say that Chyna was pumped for this bout would be an understatement. The Ninth Wonder of the World's temper was almost as hot as her outfit. Her eyes were full of revenge as Ivory begged for mercy.

As Chyna turned her back, Ivory nailed Chyna from behind and went right for the neck. The Ninth Wonder of the World seemed to be favoring her neck, but suddenly she got a hold of Ivory's leg and slammed the Women's Champion down! Chyna repeatedly pounded Ivory with kicks and clotheslines.

Chyna then nailed Ivory with a powerbomb, but when the ref counted two, Chyna picked Ivory up, looking to continue the punishment. Chyna pressed Ivory above her head and dropped her down -- and then pinned Ivory to become Women's Champion!

At ringside, Coach interviewed Jeff Bagwell and Moises Alou of the Houston Astros.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon told Trish to wheel Linda to ringside once Shane was immobile. As Vince and Stephanie were about to head to the ring, Michael Cole entered his locker room and asked about the shocking developments involving Vince and Shane from Monday night. Mr. McMahon said that something shocking would happen at WrestleMania -- in fact, he guaranteed it!

Street fight
Shane McMahon pinned Vince McMahon

WCW chairman Shane McMahon was psyched for the street fight against his father, World Wrestling Federation chairman Vince McMahon. Prior to the match, Shane gave a special shoutout to some of his new friends from WCW, who were sitting in the skybox at the Astrodome. Shane then introduced the special referee for the bout. Mr. McMahon was accompanied to ringside by Stephanie, whose jumpsuit was adorned with the words "Daddy's Girl."

Vince slapped Shane as the match got underway. Vince choked out his son, but Shane battled back. Stephanie then got in the ring and slapped Shane!

Shane continued to battle with Vince, as the fight continued outside the ring. Shane scored with a clothesline off the security wall, and then got out a kendo stick from under the ring, nailing his father repeatedly! Shane then started jukin' and jivin', punching his father loopy!

With Vince down, Shane took the top off the Spanish announcer's table. He hit his dad in the head with a TV monitor and put his dad on the table. Shane then went to the top rope and went for the elbow -- but Stephanie moved Vince from the table, sending Shane crashing through!

Suddenly, Trish walked down the aisle, wheeling down a sedated Linda McMahon! Trish looked like she was helping Vince to get up, but she instead slapped Vince! Stephanie then slapped Trish, but Trish slapped right back! Trish and Stephanie got in the ring and battled it out. Mick Foley pulled Stephanie off Trish, and Stephanie slapped Mick. Stephanie then slapped Mick, and Mick and Trish chased Stephanie from the ring!

With Shane still out, Vince realized that his sedated wife was at ringside. Vince looked at her with evil intentions, but Mick came back and told Vince not to think about doing anything. As Mick tried to wheel Linda from ringside, Mr. McMahon assaulted Mick with a steel chair.

Vince then grabbed Linda's wheelchair and put his sedated wife into the ring! Mr. McMahon sat up a chair in the corner and sat Linda down. He then went outside the ring to get Shane -- he wanted to make Linda watch him torture Shane!

Mr. McMahon threw four garbage cans into the ring, nailing Shane with one of them, and screaming at Linda as he did so! But when he turned his back on Linda for the third time, Linda arose from her chair, much to Vince's shock! Linda then kicked her own husband below the belt! Mick Foley continued the assault for Linda, and then Shane got involved.

Shane then put a trash can in Vince's face in one corner, and ascended the turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. The Boy Wonder then dropkicked the trash can into his father's head from across the ring! Shane then pinned Vince to win the match, and gave his mom a big hug!

Edge & Christian win the Tag Team Championship

The Tag Team Championship belts dangled above the ring as the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian made their way to the ring for one of the most anticipated matches in history.

The match started as a pier-six brawl among the six men in the ring, and it didn't take long before tables, ladders and chairs got involved. The Hardys got the worst of it at first, as E&C assaulted them with chairs.

But Matt and Jeff fought back, and soon set up ladders on opposite sides of the ring. They then both splashed down onto Christian! Buh Buh Ray and D-Von then got in on the fun, hitting the "wassap!" on Edge and then getting the table!

They brought two tables into the ring and propped Edge on the table. Buh Buh Ray powerbombed Jeff Hardy through Edge and through the table!

In the entranceway, the Dudleys set up two tables -- and then two more tables on top of those!

In the ring, the teams set up three ladders, and all six men were soon climbing towards the titles! And all six men soon flew off the ladders!

Spike Dudley ran down to the ring and gave Edge the Acid Drop off the ladder! He then gave Christian the Acid Drop through a table!

Rhyno came down and got in the ring, cleaning house with a ladder. The manbeast speared Matt Hardy through a table

Lita then ran down, and Rhyno grabbed a hold of her. He was about to throw her outside the ring, but Spike attacked Rhyno. Lita then hit a hurricanrana! Spike then hit Rhyno with a chair, knocking Rhyno into the ladder and knocking Edge off!

Lita cracked Spike Dudley over the head with a chair, and the Dudley Boyz hit a 3-D on Lita! E&C then cleaned house with a couple of steel chairs!

The teams set up a number of ladders in the ring, and one huge ladder outside the ring! Jeff Hardy gave Rhyno a Spike a double Swanton off the huge ladder, sacrificing himself to take them out of the match!

Back in the ring, a number of ladders were set up, as was one huge ladder, which Christian and D-Von climbed. They grabbed the titles, but someone moved the ladder, and they hung there! D-Von fell off, as did Christian! Jeff Hardy walked across the top of the other ladders, but he lost his balance and wound up hanging! Edge then speared Jeff off a 20-foot ladder!

Buh Buh Ray and Matt Hardy were up, and they were both on top of the ladder. But Rhyno snuck up and pushed over the ladder, right into the double-stacked tables at ringside!

D-Von, Edge & Christian then climbed up -- and with Rhyno's help, Christian grabbed the titles! Edge & Christian are the winners of TLC II -- and the seven-time Tag Team Champions!

Howard Finkel then announced that a new attendance record has been set for the Astrodome -- 67,925!

Gimmick Battle Royal
Iron Sheik wins

Mean Gene Okerlund and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan came to ringside to provide commentary for the Gimmick Battle Royal!

The greatest gimmicks in World Wrestling Federation history were on display in the Gimmick Battle Royal -- including Doink the Clown, Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, Earthquake, Tugboat, Kamala, Kimchee, Jim Cornette, Michael "P.S." Hayes of the Freebirds, the Bushwhackers, Sgt. Slaughter, Iron Sheik, Hillbilly Jim, Sgt. Slaughter, Nikolai Volkoff, Repo Man, the Goon, Gillberg, One Man Gang, Brother Love and the Gobbledy Gooker!

The eliminations came fast and furious, and old rivalries were renewed quickly! The final four were Brother Love, Sgt. Slaughter, Hillbilly Jim and the Iron Sheik. In the end, it was the Iron Sheik who emerged victorious. But Sgt. Slaughter didn't like that-- and he locked the Sheik in the Cobra Clutch!

Undertaker pinned Triple H

Motorhead was live in the Astrodome to play Triple H to the ring, as the Game and the Undertaker faced off one-on-one on Pay-Per-View for the first time ever!

The fight started outside the ring, and the Undertaker took it right to the Game. In the ring, Triple H battled back, hitting the Taker with a high knee. But Taker recovered with a backdrop and a powerslam. The Undertaker went to work on the Game, wrenching his arm and then climbing up top. But Triple H regained his momentum and tossed the Taker from the top.

That allowed the Game to take control, and he brutalized the Dead Man. After a series of near falls, Triple H shoved the ref in frustration, but the ref shoved him right back! That stalling gave the Taker time to regroup, and he nailed Triple H with a series of body shots. But the Game recovered with a facebuster.

Triple H then went to ringside and grabbed his sledgehammer. But before he coudl use it, the ref took the sledgehammer away. Triple H tried to go for the Pedigree, but the Undertaker reversed it and slingshotted the Game right into the ref, knocking the ref out. Taker then nailed the chokeslam on Triple H, but the groggy ref only made it to two. Irate, the Taker beat up the ref!

With no ref, the match deteriorated into a street fight outside the ring, and eventually into the crowd. The men battled through the technical area up to a camera stand, where Triple H assaulted the Taker with a chair. But Taker saw an opening and chokeslammed Triple H off the camera stand, 15 feet to the floor! The Taker then dropped an elbow from the camera stand onto Triple H!

EMTs came to check on the Game, but the Undertaker shoved them away, and the battle continued through the crowd and back to the ring. There, the Taker picked up Triple H's sledgehammer. But as Taker went to hit the Game, the Game kicked the Dead Man below the belt.

The two superstars slugged it out, and the Game gained advantage after a low blow. Triple H then tried to Tombstone tyhe Undertaker, but the Taker reversed it and laid out the Game! But with no ref, the match continued!

Taker then gave the signal for the Last Ride, but Triple H was carrying the sledgehammer on the way up. As Taker lifted the Game, Triple H nailed Taker in the face with the sledgehammer. The referee recovered and began to count the fall -- but the Taker kicked out at two!

The sledgehammer shot busted open the Taker. As Triple H pounded on Taker in the corner, the Undertaker picked him up and slammed him in the Last Ride, pinning Triple H to improve his WrestleMania record to 9-0!

World Wrestling Federation Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin pinned The Rock to become World Wrestling Federation Champion

The biggest match in World Wrestling Federation history was now ready to shake the Astrodome.

As Stone Cold Steve Austin walked down the ramp, there was a definite look of determination in his eyes. His 67,925 fellow Texans gave him a rousing ovation as he prepared to possibly complete his return from spinal surgery.

Entering his third consecutive WrestleMania main event, The Rock was focused and ready to lay the smack down.

The two competitors wasted no time, slugging it out before Rock's music was even finish playing. The no-disqualification was intense from the get-go -- with Rock even going for the Rock Bottom and Austin looking for the Stunner in the early-going, neither with any success.

The match soon spilled outside the ring, and Rock tossed Austin's head off the announce table. Stone Cold was able to regain control, and back in the ring, Austin's vicious side showed, as he took it right to The Rock.

A superplex scored a two-count for the Texas Rattlesnake. Austin then took the padding off a turnbuckle, exposing the steel. But Rock scored with a flying clothesline to gain some momentum.

After clotheslining Austin over the top rope to the outside, Rock tossed Austin around. But Stone Cold grabbed the ring bell and almost knocked Rock's head off with it, busting the Brahma Bull wide open!

The two superstars continued their war back inside the ring, and Austin kept pounding on the People's Champion. The Rattlesnake ignored the referee's repeated warnings, since the bout was no-disqualification.

Stone Cold stared down the bloody Rock, continually pounding at his head. As Austin took a moment to yell at the ref, The Rock exploded at Austin with a huge clothesline! The Brahma Bull assaulted the Rattlesnake, talking some trash! He then knocked Austin face-first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Rock then got the ring bell -- the same one which had busted him open just moments earlier. The People's Champion nailed Austin with it, but only scored a two-count.

The Rattlesnake was now busted open as well. Rock continued his assault, but Austin would not stay down. The fight again spilled out of the ring, where the two men slugged it out. Austin slingshotted Rock head-first into the ringpost, and even smacked a TV monitor across Rock's face!

Back in the ring, The Rock kicked out of a pinfall attempt. Austin went for the Stunner, but Rock reversed it into a sharpshooter! The Rattlesnake was finally able to reach the ropes to break the hold.

Again, Rock went for the sharpshooter, only this time, he was kicked away. Austin then put Rock in the sharpshooter, but Rock struggled his way to the ropes.

Austin then went for the sharpshooter again, and Rock got to the ropes again. Austin held on for a few more seconds before breaking the hold, however.

Stone Cold then locked The Rock in the Million Dollar Dream sleeperhold -- a move he hasn't used in years! Obviously, Austin was willing to try anything to regain the title! Rock reversed the move into a pinning combination, and scored a two-count. bRock then hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Stone Cold, but Austin kicked out of the pin at two.

Suddenly, Mr. McMahon strutted to the ring.

Back in the ring, Austin hit a spinebuster on Rock for two. Moments later, Rock hit a spinebuster on Austin, and hit the People's Elbow. But when Rock went for the cover, Mr. McMahon pulled Rock off of Austin! When Rock realized what had happened, he ran otu of the ring after McMahon! But Austin caught Rock, and hit a Rock Bottom -- for a two-count!

Austin then went for the Stunner, but Rock shoved him away -- right into the ref.

Austin then hit a low blow on Rock. Austin then told Mr. McMahon to bring a chair into the ring, and Austin helped McMahon hit Rock with a chair! McMahon threw the ref back into the ring, but amazingly, The Rock kicked out of the pin!

Stone Cold then picked up the chair on his own, but Rock hit a Rock Bottom as he did so. Mr. McMahon distracted the ref, however, when Rock went for the pinfall attempt! Rock then brought McMahon into the ring and assaulted the owner. Austin then hit the Stunner on Rock -- for a two-count!

McMahon handed the chair to Stone Cold, who rocketed the steel off Rock's head -- again, for a two-count! The Rattlesnake was shocked!

Austin brutalized Rock with the chair, repeatedly cracking the Brahma Bull across his head and back! Finally, Austin pinned Rock to win the match and the championship!

After the match, Austin and McMahon shook hands!

Wrestlemania 17