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Just 72 hours before Vengeance, SmackDown! emanated from Chicago with an explosive episode!
The show opened with a six-man megamatch, as Edge, Kane and Big Show took on William Regal and the Dudley Boyz, who were accompanied to ringside by Stacy Keibler. Stacy tried to get involved during the bout -- only to be nearly spanked by the Big Show, before the Dudleys ran in for the save! The Dudleys nailed 3-D on Kane, but Big Show hit Bubba with a chokeslam, only to get creamed by Regal's brass knucks! Edge then speared Regal, and hit the Edge-ecution on D-Von to pick up the pinfall!

Kurt Angle paced backstage, wondering where Mr. McMahon was. A limo pulled up, and Kurt was relieved to see Mr. McMahon inside. Vince said that he wouldn't let Kurt forfeit his opportunity to be the first-ever Undisputed Champion this Sunday, since if Vince didn't show up and kiss Rock's ass, that's exactly what would have happened. Kurt apologized for their tag-team loss on RAW, but said it was in fact Stone Cold Steve Austin's fault, and Mr. McMahon said not to worry about it, because he had big plans for Stone Cold on SmackDown! Kurt said he had a plan, but Vince said he was going with his own plans tonight. He told Kurt not to be surprised if by the end of the night, The Rock was puckering up to Vince's keister!

Matt Hardy was getting ready backstage when he was approached by Jeff. Jeff said he wanted to talk about Matt's match with RVD.

He asked why Matt would tell him not to compete in those types of matches, and why Matt would want them to be a top tag team, and then Matt went ahead and scored a Hardcore Title match. Matt said it sounded like Jeff was jealous. Matt said it was a warm-up for Vengeance, and suggested that maybe Jeff should have a warm-up match of his own, considering his track record lately. Jeff said he was glad Matt was facing RVD, because then their match this Sunday could be for the Hardcore Title. Matt questioned Jeff's thinking that Matt's girlfriend, Lita, will count Matt's shoulders to the mat. Matt said that Lita saw things his way -- and Jeff said that if Lita saw things Matt's way, then where was she tonight?
Vince and Kurt talked backstage, and they both seemed pleased at the night's plans, which Vince had apparently just explained to Angle. Angle said that Stone Cold would never see it coming. Kurt then asked Vince if he was OK, saying the Federation chairman sounded a bit hoarse. Vince admitted that it had been a rough couple of days, and Angle gave Vince a throat losange. Kurt then said that he couldn't imagine being in Vince's shoes, having to go on national television and be faced with kissing The Rock's ass. Vince spat out the losange, and said he also had big plans for The Rock, whispering them to Kurt.

The Hardcore Championship was on the line as Rob Van Dam defended against Matt Hardy. The fight spilled up the rampway, with Matt using a ladder to his advantage.

At one point, RVD bulldogged Matt onto the ladder! The fight continued, and Matt picked up a chair and ascended the ladder. As he leapt off, RVD hit him with the Van Daminator and pinned Matt for a successful title defense! As Van Dam celebrated after the bout, he was attacked from behind by the Undertaker, who rammed RVD's head into the SmackDown! set, and also brutalized the Hardcore Champion with a ladder.
Vince and Kurt talked backstage, and Vince said he was feeling better already, and was feeling really good about their plans to take out Stone Cold and Rock -- which he called the "double whammy." Angle said he would have a double whammy of his own this Sunday, defeating two men to become the Undisputed Champion. Vince suggested that on SmackDown!, what if he took the throat losange and used it as a suppository for The Rock? Kurt laughed, saying Mr. McMahon was funny.

In tag-team action, Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert took on Test and Christian. Test mouthed off to referee Earl Hebner a few times during the bout, clearly unhappy with the officiating. Scotty was set to hit the Worm on Test when he was cut off by Christian, who went for the Unprettier, only to fall victim to Albert's Baldobomb! Test then nailed both Scotty and Albert with big boots, and pinned Scotty for the win. After the bout, Test kicked Hebner right in the face!

The Rock headed to the ring to a huge ovation, and he couldn't help but smile in preparation of having Vince McMahon kiss his ass!

Finally The Rock had come back to Chicago! He said that before his tag match on SmackDown!, and before he became the Undisputed Champion at Vengeance, he had some business to take care of in Chi-Town. He said Chicago was known for many things -- being the Windy City, the home of the first-place Bears, and the site where Vince McMahon got down on his knees and kissed some ass!
Mr. McMahon then strutted to the ring, looking very confident for a man who was set to kiss some ass! Vince grabbed the microphone from The Rock, and said he couldn't believe Rock expected to humiliate and belittle him. Vince reminded Rock of a couple of things. First, his name was Vince McMahon. Second, he was a certified billionaire who could buy and sell Rock and the fans over and over. He said a man of his distinction doesn't kiss ass, much less the People's Ass. He said in a few moments, Rock would be the one puckering up, and Rock would apologize to him.

Suddenly, Stone Cold came on the TitanTron to a huge ovation! He asked Vince if he thought Angle would save the day -- saying that he had just kicked the crap out of Vince's back-up plan! Austin then laid a few more boots into the Olympic champion, and told Vince that he was in Chicago to make sure that Vince kissed somebody's ass! He said if Vince came back up the ramp without kissing ass, Austin would kick his ass!

Back in the ring, Vince gulped, with his back-up plan now a non-factor.

Rock said, "Boy, it sure sucks to be you tonight, huh Vince?"
Then, out came Federation co-owner Ric Flair! The Nature Boy told his partner that Plan A hadn't worked, and if there was a Plan B and if anyone tried to interfere in this, they would be suspended!

Rocky said there was only one thing left to say -- and he told Vince to get down on his knees! Vince refused at first, but soon took off his jacket and got down on his knees. Rock said it was now time for the moment we've all been waiting for -- time to reveal the People's Ass!

Rock started to lower his pants, but then said that Vince wasn't good enough to kiss the People's Ass, and he raised his pants up again. Vince smiled, but Rock said that just because Vince wasn't kissing Rock's ass, it didn't mean that he wasn't kissing ass tonight! Rock said that the ass Vince would kiss would instead be a "slobberknocker!"

Jim Ross then headed to the ring and screamed at the Federation co-owner. Rock told J.R. to put his cowboy hat on Vince, just to add to the humiliation! J.R. then prepped himself, and Rock told him to hold up a second. Rock said that Vince wouldn't kiss Ross' ass, and he told Ross to go take a seat at the announce position. He then said Vince would love kissing ass, because it would give him "Stratus-faction!"

Trish Stratus headed to the ring, and Vince's smile went from ear to ear! Vince winked at his former flame, and looked like he couldn't wait to kiss Trish's ass!

Vince put on some Chapstick as Trish readied to pull down her pants. Vince went to kiss Trish's ass, but Rock stopped him! Rock said he had another plan. He told Trish to go sit by the announce position, and then he introduced Vince to the real ass he would be kissing -- Rikishi's!
The Phat Man danced his way to the ring to a thunderous ovation, and Vince looked disgusted! The Federation co-owner tried to get up and leave, but Rock gave him a Rock Bottom, and as Rock held Vince, Rikishi gave Vince the Stink Face! The crowd went crazy as Rock proclaimed that the Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass" club was officially closed!

Next up, Crash went one-on-one with Jacqueline. The match was set up earlier in the day when Jackie approached Crash and asked why he had wished Trish good luck at Vengeance on RAW. He had said it didn't matter anyway, since it was just a girls' match. Jackie took exception to that comment, leading to this match-up. Jackie more than held her own with Crash, but Crash picked up the win, rolling Jackie up and grabbing a handful of tights. As Jackie mouthed off to Crash after the bout, Crash shoved her, so she delivered a forearm shot, knocking Crash to the ground!

A beat-up Kurt Angle talked to Vince McMahon via cell phone, saying he didn't blame Vince for leaving after what had just happened. Apparently, Vince was screaming so loud at the other end of the phone that Kurt had to hold the phone away from his ear! Kurt said he would make it up to Mr.

McMahon, capturing the Undisputed Championship. But before he could finish his statement, Vince hung up on him!
Booker T knocked on Mr. McMahon's door, but walked in to find Ric Flair. Booker said he wanted to talk to Vince, but Flair said Vince was gone, but Booker could talk to him. Booker said that he and Vince had something in common, that they both hated Stone Cold. He wanted to talk to Vince about getting his job back. Flair asked Booker about stealing Austin's truck on RAW, and Booker defended himself, saying he just took the truck out for a little joyride, and he gave it right back. Flair then looked at Booker and said he wasn't hiring tonight. After Booker exclaimed, "Tell me you didn't just say that!," Flair repeated himself, this time adding a "Woo!"

Undertaker walked into APA's office, and Bradshaw said Taker owed them an explanation. Taker said no. Bradshaw said that he and Faarooq were the two people he owed an explanation to more than anyone, that they had watched his back through thick and thin. Faarooq said Taker had slapped everyone in the face who was loyal to him. Bradshaw stood up and stared Taker down, and Taker told them to calm down. Taker said J.R. got what he had coming. He said that the APA seemed to think they were better than him. He said APA was taking things too personal, and if they wanted to take it to the next level, then they could meet him in the ring. He said he would teach them respect.

That match was up next, as Bradshaw went one-on-one with the Undertaker. During the bout, Faarooq came to ringside and stole Taker's bike, driving it to the top of the entranceway. Taker soon finished off Bradshaw with a chokeslam for the pin. He then went up the ramp to get his bike, only to be attacked by RVD, who nailed Taker with a steel chair! RVD talked some smack to the Dead Man as Taker lay unconscious on top of the ramp!

Sharmell Sullivan interviewed Chris Jericho about his match at Vengeance, especially after not faring well against Stone Cold on RAW. Y2J took exception to that comment, saying that her opinion was worthless, just like the fans' opinion. He said the only opinion that mattered was his own, and his opinion was at Vengeance, he would walk away as the Undisputed Champion, because he was a larger-than-life living legend. He said he would be the biggest star in World Wrestling Federation history.

The main event on SmackDown! was tag-team action, as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock took on Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Just moments after the match began, Austin hit the Stunner on Angle, but Y2J broke up the pinfall. The superstars all went for their finishers on many occasions, but none were able to score the three-count. At one point, Austin was locked in the ankle lock for nearly a minute, only to finally make it to the ropes. But Angle locked it on again, only to have Rock come in and break it up.

Soon after, Y2J hit Rock with a low blow, and then hit Rock with the Rock Bottom! Austin broke up the pinfall, however. Moments later, Rock hit Jericho with a spinebuster and locked Jericho in a sharpshooter. Y2J tapped out, giving Rock and Austin the win! After the bout, Angle hit Jericho with the Angle Slam, obviously frustrated about the loss.

After the bout, Rock and Austin stared each other down, and then Austin handed Rock a beer. Rock took the beer, and toasted to Austin's Federation Championship. Stone Cold then toasted to Rock's World Championship. The two men then banged beers and enjoyed a final toast, as SmackDown! went off the air!