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With just six days remaining until an undisputed world champion is crowned at Vengeance, RAW opened live from Milwaukee!

Chris Jericho opened the night by entering the ring and addressing the crowd. Y2J said that everyone knows he can win the big one, but this Sunday at Vengeance, he would win the biggest one of them all and become the undisputed champion. But, Jericho continued, it seems that The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin feel they will be in the final match this Sunday night. They seem to be forgetting that Austin has to face Kurt Angle and The Rock must get through Y2J first. Jericho said The Rock and Austin were scared to death, citing the fact that Y2J has beaten The Rock bloody over and over again and that Stone Cold would get beaten for sure next time the Rattlesnake faces Jericho. Jericho promised that the disrespect toward him would end Sunday when he wins and solidifies his spot as the biggest superstar in the Federation.

Before Jericho could go on, Federation co-owner Ric Flair came out and faced Y2J in the ring. Jericho said it must be an honor for Flair to be in the same ring with a legend like Chris Jericho.

Flair asked if he should call him Y2J, Jericho, or Chris "By God" Jericho. Jericho said he should call him the same thing everyone else does: Mr. Jericho.
Flair said that he hadn't seen either of the times that Jericho beat The Rock and he had a problem. When Jericho mouthed off, Flair reminded him that he was speaking to the co-owner of the Federation. Flair said he had a problem with Y2J's lack of respect for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Therefore, Jericho would face Austin that night on RAW in a non-title match. To be The Man, you have to beat The Man, Flair said. And right now, Stone Cold is The Man in Ric Flair's eyes.

After a break, the arena lit up with Kane's fiery entrance as the Big Red Machine came to the ring for his match against Bubba Ray Dudley. Stacy Keibler and D-Von accompanied Bubba. The Dudleys will take on Kane and Big Show Sunday in a tag team title match at Vengeance. Stacy got in Kane's way early in the match which caused Kane to step out of the ring and come after the Duchess of Dudleyville. D-Von intercepted Kane, however, and thrust him back into the ring where Bubba Ray began dismantling his opponent. Kane rebounded, though, and launched his body into Bubba Ray from the top rope! Stacy Keibler tried to interfere once again, but Kane grabbed her and avoided getting jumped from behind by D-Von. He dropped D-Von with a kick then chokeslammed Bubba Ray for the win!

After the match, the Dudleys teamed up to deliver a 3D before Big Show came to his tag partner's rescue!
Mr. McMahon was in his office speaking to The Undertaker on the phone. Mr. McMahon told Taker he didn't have to be there that evening but the American Badass needs to teach Rob Van Dam a lesson at Vengeance. Kurt Angle walked in and said he was upset about how The Rock embarrassed Mr. McMahon last week on SmackDown! Kurt said he would get The Rock back that night because Angle had a great idea. The two sat down and Mr. McMahon said he was all ears.

Following a commercial break, Albert took to the ring accompanied by Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty donned headphones and took a chair next to Jerry The King Lawler at the announce table to watch Albert match up against Test. Test took some momentum in this match by landing a backdrop on Albert. But when Test climbed the top rope, Albert stood up and threw him off! Test later dropped Albert with a Big Boot which prompted Scotty to get up on the ring apron. The referee came over to scold Scotty and in doing so missed Test covering Albert. Test left the ring and leveled Scotty then reentered the ring. Test attempted to get a pin, but referee Charles Robinson spotted Test using his feet up on the ropes in order to gain leverage. With frustration setting in, Test left the ring and grabbed a steel chair. As he climbed back over the ropes, Scotty 2 Hotty grabbed the chair and smacked it over Test's skull!

Albert followed with a Baldo Bomb that secured him the win.
Backstage, Crash was talking with the Brooklyn Brawler when Trish Stratus stopped to ask where The Rock was. The men pointed the Women's Champion in the right direction and off she went.

Following a commercial, Michael Cole caught up with RVD backstage. Cole asked why Undertaker showed so much animosity toward RVD. RVD started to answer, but Christian interrupted and said that it was because Undertaker showed Mr. McMahon respect and RVD did not. Christian said that RVD though he was better than the Undertaker. RVD said they would find out at Vengeance, but why don't they find out if RVD was better than Christian that night. Christian said OK, as long as the Hardcore Championship was on the line. That was OK RVD as long as Christian put his "Eurotrash" title on the line as well. Christian said he would if RVD passed his test. He asked the Hardcore Champion to tell him what the capitol of Belgium was. RVD answered, "Waffles." RVD then asked what the capitol of Brussels is and Christian said he wouldn't tell him!

Trish Stratus entered The Rock's lockerroom and said she wanted to thank him for saving her from another embarrassing moment with Mr. McMahon. She said she wanted to thank him properly, so she quickly gave The Rock a kiss on the cheek! The Rock said he wanted to show Trish the way to thank The Rock.

He took her hand, brushed her hair back, leaned in close while looking deep into her eyes and slowly kissed her!
The tension surrounding RAW may have eased somewhat during the break but it soared when Team Xtreme came out for the Hardy Boyz' tag team match against Tajiri and Spike Dudley. With Torrie Wilson watching from ringside, Spike and Tajiri took momentum in this match. Tajiri landed a stiff kick to Matt Hardy who stood on the ring apron watching his brother Jeff in action. Matt soon tagged in and angrily stomped Tajiri. The tide turned moments later when Jeff reentered the ring and suffered the Tarantula and Tajiri's handspring elbow! Shortly after, Matt tagged in and was thrown into his brother who was tossed off the ring apron. Jeff angrily reentered the ring and shoved Matt. Although the Hardys won the match, the brothers engaged in a shoving match afterward.

In the backroom, the APA made fun of William Regal for kissing Mr. McMahon's ass. Regal said that he didn't do anything that the APA wouldn't do. Bradshaw gave Regal two options. He would either kick - not kiss - his ass right there or the two could enter the ring that night! Regal challenged Bradshaw to a match that night.

Matt and Jeff Hardy continued their heated argument backstage. In their bickering, Matt whipped his hand out and knocked Lita to the ground! Matt accused Jeff of causing the accident. Lita stood up and joined the argument. Jeff stormed off and Matt asked why Lita was picking sides.

Lita said she wasn't. Matt persisted and said that Lita should referee the match between himself and Jeff at Vengeance so she could prove that she wasn't on anyone's side.
Jericho and Stone Cold battled next in a non-title match set up earlier in the evening by Ric Flair. The intense battle soon spread into the crowd. Each man took turns with the upper hand and they eventually made their way back into the ring. At one point, Austin locked Y2J in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho avoided the indignity of submitting to his own signature move by working his way over to the rope. Soon after, he delivered a low blow while the ref wasn't looking. Jericho later slammed Austin's shoulder into the ring post and the fight once again came outside the ring. Jericho again slammed Austin into the ring post before the two came back into the ring. Austin launched a counterattack but was scooped up into the Walls of Jericho! Austin withed in pain but managed to get to the rope. Jericho nailed a bulldog and went for his Lionsault but Austin moved and hit Jericho with a Stone Cold Stunner! It was a hard fought match, but Stone Cold pulled out a win in the end. He celebrated the close victory by chugging a few Steveweisers in the ring.

While Stone Cold was downing his last beer, the TitanTron showed Booker T hotwiring Austin's truck and driving away! Stone Cold raced up the ramp and Jim Ross later reported that a car had sped off in pursuit of Booker T.

Mr.McMahon and Kurt Angle came to the ring where Angle called The Rock an ungrateful SOB. The Rock went too damn far as he would be nothing without Mr. McMahon, Kurt said. Angle said that The Rock needed to respect Mr. McMahon because nobody in the company would have fame or fortune without him. Well, everyone besides Kurt who already had those things thanks to his Olympic gold medal. Angle said he was there to make sure that what happened on SmackDown! never happens again. He showed footage of The Rock preventing Trish Stratus from joining the Kiss My Ass club.
In disgust, Kurt said that forcing a man to walk around with his pants down and threatening to shove an ear of corn into his orifice might be fun in the backwater city of Milwaukee, but it wasn't. Kurt then ordered The Rock to apologize and said he and Mr. McMahon wouldn't leave until The Rock did so.

The People's Champion strolled out from the TitanTron and requested that Mr. McMahon and Kurt come up there and kiss his ass: The People's Ass! Mr. McMahon said he was an authority on the subject of ass kissing. He didn't expect The Rock to apologize because he, like the people watching, were a bunch of ingrates. But before the night was over, Mr. McMahon said The Rock would wish he had apologize. Mr. McMahon said he had a way of making people apologize. He had a way of

The Rock quickly cut him off and told Mr. McMahon to hurry up and issue his challenge if he had one. Mr.

McMahon said that The Rock would face Kurt Angle and himself! But that wouldn't be fair having the match like that, Mr. McMahon said. Therefore, The Rock would be given a tag team partner: Trish Stratus! However, should The Rock's team lose the People's Champion would have to become a member of the Kiss My Ass Club! If The Rock refused to become a member on SmackDown!, he would be stripped of his championship and barred from competing at Vengeance!
Before The Rock could retort, Ric Flair appeared at the Great One's side. The Nature Boy said he would add a stipulation to the match that night. If Mr. McMahon and Kurt lost that night, then Mr. McMahon would have to kiss The Rock's ass! If he refused to pucker up, Kurt Angle would lose his shot at Vengeance! Flair finished with a "If ya Whooo! Smell what The Rock Whoo! Is Cooking."

The Rock said he had one more thing to say. "Whooooo!"

Rob Van Dam put his Hardcore Championship on the line against Christian. Christian took control in this match and propped a chair in the corner of the ring. But RVD stormed back and took the chair which he dropkicked into Christian's face. Somehow, Christian kicked out of the pin attempt and went to smash RVD with the chair. But Van Dam countered, knocking Christian to the ground. RVD placed the chair on Christian's chest and went for the Rolling Thunder, but Christian threw the chair up and smacked it into RVD.

Christian tried to piece together a one-man con-chair-to, but Van Dam eluded the maneuver and landed the Van Daminator! He sealed the win with a Five-Star Frog Splash!
William Regal and Bradshaw faced each other next. Bradshaw tried to make quick work of Regal, hitting him with the fallaway slam and a stiff kick. But as Regal has become accustomed to doing, he hit his opponent with brass knuckles and took the pin! While Regal was making his exit, Tazz appeared on the TitanTron live at WWF New York. Tazz said Regal got lucky and maybe he'll get that lucky Sunday when Regal faces Edge at Vengeance. Tazz said he hoped to see Edge that night at WWF New York, but hadn't done so yet. Suddenly, Edge raced out and speared Regal on the stage! A swarm of referees came out to make sure that Edge did no further damage to Regal.

Kurt Angle and Mr. McMahon warmed up for their match versus The Rock and Trish Stratus. Angle said it would be quite a sight if Mr. McMahon had to kiss The Rock's ass on SmackDown! but that wouldn't happen.

The main event of the night kicked off next with Mr. McMahon and Kurt Angle facing Women's Champion Trish Stratus and World Champion The Rock. The People's Champion and Kurt Angle started things off. Angle assuaulted The Rock with a series of hard shots to the head. The Rock rebounded with a Somoan Drop and may have pinned Angle if Mr. McMahon hadn't broken up the count. Angle picked up the momentum again with a German Suplex. He then tagged in Mr.

McMahon, who dropped The Rock with a clothesline. He stood over the hurting Rock with a smile and patted his ass. He then made his way over and knocked Trish from the ring apron. As he turned back, he caught a spinebuster from The Rock!
Trish Stratus pleaded to be tagged in and soon got her wish! She pounced on Mr. McMahon and angrily cracked him with repeated fists to the head! Rock then tried to climb back in, which caught the attention of the referee. Trish used the distraction to strike Vince with a low blow! Angle then entered the ring and knocked Trish away from Mr. McMahon and was then tagged in. Trish managed to recover and hit Angle with a low blow then tagged in her partner!

The match took an amazing turn shortly after with Angle, The Rock andthe referee lying dazed on the canvas. Y2J raced in and hit The Rock with a Lionsault! Angle covered the Great One but could only force a two-count! Mr. McMahon chased Trish Stratus around the ring and up the entrance ramp. Mr. McMahon followed but stopped and gaped when Stone Cold Steve Austin emerged from the entrance! The Rattlesnake clubbed Vince into submission while The Rock smacked Kurt Angle with a Rock Bottom! The People's Champion covered Angle for the win! Mr. McMahon scowled inches away from a grinning Rock! Mr. McMahon, enraged that he'll have to kiss The Rock's ass Thursday on SmackDown! screamed at Angle as RAW drew to a close.