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Steven Richards

Steven Richards

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220
From: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Quote: "It's for your own good!"
Finishing move: Steven Kick

Steven Richards has appointed himself as the censor of the World Wrestling Federation, and that couldnt have happened soon enough.

The World Wrestling Federation is a cesspool of moral depravity, and Steven is here to clean things up. Already, Steven has rid the Federation of the "Ho Train." He has tried to curb the Acolytes smoking and drinking problems. He has also restricted the Dudley Boyz use of tables and Al Snows use of blow-up dolls. All of these superstars who try to add to their success through disgusting, depraved, perverted actions must be stopped, and Steven is just the man to do it.

Steven has amassed an army of competitors who will help him further his cause, which is to rid the World Wrestling Federation of its bad influences. Both Bull Buchanan a powerful soldier and the Good Father a former sinner who Steven has rehabilitated are willing to carry out Stevens plan to make the Federation a morally redeeming place.

You may not like Stevens actions. But they are for your own good.

Bull Buchanan

Bull Buchanan

Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 275 pounds
Finishing move: Scissors Kick
Career Highlights: Tag Team Champion

Bull Buchanan is the muscle behind World Wrestling Federation censorship.

Bull believes in censorhip. As a former law officer, he has seen the most morally bankrupt people in society, and has vowed not to allow people to become corrupted by World Wrestling Federation programming.

Teaming with fellow Right To Censor member -- The Goodfather -- Bull has attained the elite status of being a WWF Tag Team Champion.

Val Venis

Val Venis

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 240 pounds
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Finishing move: The Money Shot
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion (2); European Champion

Val Venis also used to be a sinner. Actually, he was more of a sinner than fellow Right To Censor member the Goodfather used to be. Val used to be an actor in adult, pornographic movies. He used to come to the ring wearing only a towel and some very revealing shorts. Val was easily distracted by scantily clad women, and they would use him for his "experience" behind the bedroom doors.

Mr. Venis has also given up his life of sin in order to lead a more wholesome, healthy life. Val never became as successful a competitor as he could have, and now he blames the women of his past for keeping him held back.

Mr. Venis has now turned his back on his past, and hopes to turn over a new leaf with Mr. Richards, Miss Ivory, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Goodfather. He now realizes that selective censorship is a good thing, and that people should be told what they can and cannot do. Val hopes that people will all learn that he and his group are right, and they know what's good for everyone else.

The Goodfather

The Goodfather

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 320 pounds
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Favorite Quote: "It's for your own good!"
Finishing move: Pimp Drop
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion; Tag Team Champion

The Goodfather used to be a sinner like all of you. He used to parade around without a care in the world, exploiting libido for cheap thrills and a quick buck. He was a beloved competitor in the World Wrestling Federation, a former Intercontinental Champion.

But now he has given that life up. For you see, the "Godfather" didnt really earn his success by pimping "hos," or "ladies" as any moral person would call them. The Godfather earned his success by pimping away his mind, his body and his soul. He gave up everything that is moral and right, and for what? Popularity? Success? What about setting a good example, and being a strong role model for the millions of people who watch World Wrestling Federation programming? Whats educational about walking to the ring with scantily-clad women?

The Goodfather has thrown away his gaudy outfits in favor of a shirt and tie. He now fights the good fight, defending what is right in the world through selective censorship.

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